2019 Featured Artists

Ron Carter

Ron’s path has risen from divergent visions leading to a new creative present. A present refreshed by art as life and livelihood. The experiences that strengthen the artisan, move him to newer creative moments within his future. Spontaneity is derived in the interaction between media, tool and the artist. Concepts become reality. The voice of art screams out into all aspects of daily life. As an artist in this society, Ron sees dogma and bravado tend to go hand in hand with economic choices influenced by an uncertain prologue to the past imperfect and future in-perpetuity. Ron was born an artist, but along with his years of experimentation and professional experience, he gained formal training at San Diego City College, Grossmont College, University of California @San Diego, San Francisco Art Institute and many Sculptural, Paint and Mixed-Media workshops.

CONNECT: mesart.com/rdccreations


The art work of celebrated painter Charles Rogers, whose intriguing Afrocentric-themed pieces are, in themselves, an inspiring visual expression. Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Charles began his artist journey in high school. He then perfected his craft under the tutelage of local professionals who helped him to mature into the thriving artist he is today. His art work is printed on several items such as calendars, tote bags, journals, bible organizers, and many others.  Yielding all glory to the “Omnipotent Creator.” Charles views his gift as a divine opportunity to give African Americans as well as others another lens through which to see the world.


NoPrints is a Black Owned art business providing affordable artwork. Ranging from stylish graphic t-shirts to canvas printed artwork and handmade crafts; and was established by Bay Area native, self-taught artist Randy Babb (NoPrints). Noprints was birthed from a combination of Randy's lived experiences, and vivid imagination. His inspiration to create, comes from his desire to express some of his thoughts, which have allowed his perspective as an artist to continuously evolve. Mianta McKnight (iam4muze), also a self-taught artist and Bay Area native, joined NoPrints on his journey in artistry. She embraces her artwork as an outlet that is liberating, and healing; expressing her voice through her creativity. Additionally, Noprints is available for: special projects, contract work, logo design, and murals. We welcome you to the world of NoPrints.

CONNECT: @noprints @iam4muze


Carla J. Lawson is a self -taught visual artist from Pittsburg, Ca. Her career as a professional artist began in 2008. She paints, draws, makes quilted wall hangings, Black dolls and has recently begun to sculpt. Carla began drawing as a child and was always designing or creating something with crayons, pencils and pens. When she bought her first set of paint brushes, paint and a canvas she knew that the only thing she wanted to do for a living was utilize her natural creative ability to inspire others, live in her purpose and make a living while doing so. Her first artist reception in 2009 drew over 100 guests who were excited to support her in her endeavors. That reception gave her the courage at the age of 40 to quit her full time job to pursue her dream of becoming a working artist and has successfully managed to bring that dream to life.

Carla has been greatly influenced and inspired by the incomparable work of Woodrow Nash, Basquiat and Corey Barksdale. In her spare time while writing and listening to music she “sees” colors in the music she’s listening to and thus the melodies usually are the muse for her work. Carla has been known to say quite often that “the mood of every song has its own palette and jazz is the biggest palette in the world.”

Carla’s artistic philosophy is bred from the importance of culturally inspired work being absolutely necessary. All of her pieces have something from an African-American cultural, historical or spiritual representation in them. She believes that there will never be enough colors in the world to capture the beauty and essence of African Americans so she uses as many colors as she can to show the vibrance of their spirits.

Carla would like to be the owner of her own gallery that features her paintings along with her sculptures, dolls and wall hangings. She is currently working to actualize that dream and hopes that it will put her into position to empower other artists to stay inspired, focus and maximize their capabilities.

CONNECT: You can view Carla’s work at: Fineartamerica.com/profiles/Carla-j-Lawson and www.carlajsart.com

Ella Izm & Symphony Izm

My name is Ella Izm and my daughter (4) is Symphony Izm. I suffer From PTSD and anxiety. After a recent series of painful emotional triggers paired with the daily chronic pain of Peripheral Neuropathy, I chose to start painting again, as I did throughout my childhood and teen years. As I work through extreme childhood trauma and generational cycles, my intention is to shift the paradigm of how we, as a collective, process and release pain. As Healthy Coping Mechanism to transmute trauma thru art , I include my youngest daughter.

We use this vortex as a safe space to love, bond, communicate, and teach each other. I am creating a new narrative for my life through Art. I am purging my pain through art. I am creating a brand new physical reality, authentic to my highest self, through art. Treazured Art.

Mary Lawrence

HI! My name is Mary, I’m a blogger, life coach, and fire artist who loves crafting, knitting and creating abstract art. I attended The Art Institute of California - San Francisco where I studied Graphic Design but had an affinity for illustration, fashion design, interior design, and art history. I’ve traveled around the world, immersing myself in different cultures regularly changing my perspective, which comes through in my art. I create Fire Art, using an alcohol-based ink I burn abstract designs into glass creating unique, one of a kind works of art. I’ve also been exploring the effects of ink in resin. I currently work out of my home studio in Oakland California.

CONNECT: You can view Mary’s work at: www.evolvewithmarycrafts.com